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What's important to the community you live and work in?

Our customers have used their equipment and truck fleets to visually demonstrate support for a variety of fun and/or important matters including:

   Breast Cancer Awareness

   Home-Town Colleges

   Local Sports Team at the High School, College and Professional Level.

   Important Inner City community support organizations.

   Local events, fairs, festivals, etc.

   Home Town Centennials

Some things are just for fun, while others reveal a support for important community needs and the services which support them.


* Perhaps we can help you to use one or more vehicles in your fleet to show support for a team or a cause your company is committed to and which can be easily embraced by all the members of your local community. If there's an event or an organization in your area which you would like to visually demonstrate support for, contact us to see if we might be able to help you express that commitment.



* We strive to avoid involvement in controversial or offensive matters which could offend or polarize a community or a company. Please don't ask us to become a partner in divisive matters. We are a small, privately-owned business which strives to operate according to a faith-oriented code of values. For that reason, we'd love to help you promote things that demonstrate and honor the nobility of people operating at their best.


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