Company History

Welcome to Quipcal. We’re a small but passionate group of people who love what we do and are dedicated to serving our customers with excellence while improving our craft every day. What we do here matters. It matters to those of us who work here, and it matters greatly to each customer we serve; many of whom have used our services for years and continue to do so while also recommending us to their business associates and personal friends. Our customers (along with their employees as well as their customers) rely on us as a team.

If this is your first time using us, perhaps a brief summary of who we are and how we got started will help you to understand what we do and why. For years, a team of us worked as sandblasters and painters, specializing in – among other things – the refinishing of all types of heavy construction and industrial equipment. We’ve covered a multi-state territory from as far north as New York all the way down to Florida cleaning and painting machines and then putting the finishing touches on each paint job with a fresh set of decals. After years of sourcing those decals from another company, we made the decision to begin producing those decals in-house.

Over the course of approximately 25 years, we’ve transitioned from a painting company that also provided decals, to a decal company that now does no painting. We also transitioned from a small business with many superior competitors to a business that not only holds its own in a field of changing competitors but is considered among the best – a trusted, knowledgeable, and agile source used by heavy civil contractors, equipment dealers, auction companies, equipment painters, and collectors around the country. If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ve been part of that growth.

If you’re just joining us, you’ll become part of a team that knows itself as “The Heavy Equipment Decal Experts”. It’s not an idle or careless boast. It’s one we take seriously, one we’re proud to make, and one our customers validate on our behalf. It’s a boast you’ll help us to perpetuate and even improve on. Most importantly, it’s one we’re proud to make because we believe it’s true.

Glenn Singer
President, QuipCal

All of Our Customers Trust

Their Success To Us

“We like to use QuipCal, because the decals are always made perfectly and on time. The people I deal with are always courteous and have always dealt with any problems that might have come up.”

Anderson Equipment, New York

Why Choose Us

Quipcal Team photo


Our vision is to be the First, Fast, and Best Source for Equipment Decals.


Our mission is to provide decals for people who own, manage, sell and service construction, agricultural, forestry, transportation, and industrial equipment.


We expect the best from ourselves and each other. We love what we do and are proud to play a part in helping customers achieve their goals. Our values are what we do, but more importantly, they are who we are.


We use our hearts, minds, and strengths to conquer each day and always be moving forward.


We are committed to learning, development, and growth, not only to better ourselves as individual contributors but as a team and an organization.


Our success comes from adapting fluidly to the unexpected and comfortably leaning into change.


We genuinely feel good about what we do, why we do it, and who we do it for.


Together, we can achieve more and do it better. We respect each other and value input from every team member.


Our interactions with customers, vendors, support professionals, and each other will be done with the highest possible transparency and ethical consideration.


We are committed to the people and the process, achieving goals and producing results; both in and out of season.