Monthly Specials

New Customer Special

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New Customer Special

Company Decals

50 company decals and 50 hard hat decals for $395.00!

Hard Hat decals 3″ x 2″ oval or 2.5″ x 2.5″ diamond or circle.
Company decals 12″ wide x 4.5″ tall rectangular or oval, or 10″ circular. Other sizes available at extra cost. Special includes one-time initial design set-up.

Shop Special

Shop Special

Fluids, Fuels, Lubricants

100+ fluids, fuels, and lubricants decals for $165.00!

Special this month includes: QTY 12 Diesel Fuel, QTY 4 Gasoline, QTY 10 DEF, QTY 10 Hydraulic Oil, QTY 48 Grease Points, QTY 8 Coolant, QTY 4 2-Cycle Mixture, QTY 8 Check Fluids, QTY 3 Propane, QTY 2 No Smoking, QTY 4 Grease after Fueling.

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